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My Old Self & New Self Kicking Cancer

Kicking Cancer’s Ass: After 20 Year’s Are We a Match? I Sure Hope So

Cancer sucks. We all want to kick cancer’s ass and kick it hard. I want to stomp on it and snuff it out but I can’t. I have lost family and friends to this disease and unless you are the luckiest person on earth so have you. The problem is most of us are not in the medical kicking cancer ass business. I don’t know about you but I’m just a useless Wall Street person sitting on the sidelines when it comes to this subject. I can donate, I can point my finger at the government to do better with funding and I can yell as loud as my voice allows but that won’t cure the disease—it will not bring back my family or friends.

A few years ago my adult self got angry that my options were limited to make a real difference. I realized I could not control the medical world but I could control helping the personal world of a cancer victim.   Little did I know that actions by my younger ignorant self would also make a difference. Here is my story and I hope it inspires your adult self or younger self to think about how you can make a difference.

Last Summer I cut 10 inches off my hair and donated it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. If you know me or have seen me on TV my hair has always been my signature but seriously at the end of the day hair means nothing. I said goodbye to my long locks and never looked back. My friend Natalia did the chopping. I cried a bit when the scissors made their cut but it was not due to the loss of my hair rather my tears were for lost friends and family. I put my locks into a zip lock bag and sent them off hoping some little girl or grown woman would feel better when she received a chance to reclaim her physical appearance and say a little personal F-U to cancer. I can’t help with the medical side but I decided I sure as hell can help with the personal esteem side. That was one of the proudest days of my life. I realized I could actually help someone say F-U to cancer.

Fast forward a few months later I received an email from Gift Of Life. The email relayed I was a match for Bone Marrow Donation. I searched my brain and immediately was catapulted to my younger self circa late 90’s. I remember my younger self vividly.   She was at a UJA fundraiser and got in line to give a swab for the bone marrow bank. I gave a swab and moved on to the fundraiser bar and hoped to have a fun night.

Twenty years or so later and just having my hair cut off for cancer donation I read the email from Gift of Life. How could this be possible? After 20 years I am a match? Was my hair donation a karma trigger? My head was spinning. My response was yes, yes, yes. When I announced the news to friends and family some asked if this would hurt me? My response: If your sister, daughter, mother needed this how would you feel if someone said NO?

So here I am. My blood has been drawn. I know the profile of my-would be recipient. I say to her I hope we are a perfect match. And I hope together we will say F-U to cancer.









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