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Dear Amazon: No Anniversary Card from Walmart

Black friday RIP

Dear Amazon: Don’t Expect an Anniversary Card from Walmart You have no doubt been up all night scouring Amazon’s Prime Day deals and you are now entering the zombie phase in front of your computer or smartphone. We can now officially say RIP to Black Friday but the competition is stomping its feet. Let’s be …

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Lauryn Hill Has to Pay Tax and So Do Internet Retailers


Just when you thought showrooming was here to stay, the Senate throws brick-and-mortar retailers a lifeline. For many physical retailers including Best Buy, a national Internet sales tax may signal the early arrival of Christmas. The potential collapse of the pricing advantage for online-only retailers may help brick-and-mortar models avoid a Circuit City fate. It …

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Best Buy Down; Not the Way to Start a Relationship

Oh Best Buy….Really? Your website is down on the Monday BEFORE Black Friday? If you are looking to do a little prep for Black Friday by comparing TV prices online Best Buy is not going to be much help today. The site has a notice “Our site is incredibly busy! Please be patient while we …

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Best Buy; Cost Cuts Just Won’t Cut It

best buy closing stores

Best Buy; Sales Rule; Cost Cuts Just Won’t “Cut it” Best Buy seemed like such a slam-dunk when Circuit City announced it would go belly up and complete liquidating stores in March 2009. At that time, investors were willing to look past dismal monthly CE data as well as the Amazon market share writing on …

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Consumers Drown Their Sorrow in Some Retail Therapy

Consumers drowning their sorrow in a little retail therapy? Consumer Confidence continues its slide but will a dark cloud appear in the malls? The Conference Board reported consumer confidence dropped in October versus September and hit March 2009 levels. Economists who have been putting on their increasingly rosy colored glasses were expecting an increase month …

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