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Retail Sales;Let the Blame Game Begin

Published 4/12/2013 March retail sales came in at a disappointing -0.4%, the slowest level in nine months. There are so many places to point a finger, it is hard to choose any one. Thursday, we were reminded (by the few retailers still reporting monthly sales) that the Easter calendar shift was one culprit. The holiday …

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WMT: It Wasn’t The Chinese but Leaked Emails Setting the Retail Bar Low

No the Chinese are not hacking Wal-Mart. However, internal emails seem to be on the loose. The first bombshell email dropped by an executive on Feb 1 asked “where are all the customers? And where is all their money?”. Friday a second email leaked out suggesting February sales to date “are a total disaster”. In …

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Sales Preview; Europe/JC Penney May Give Weather Blame Game Competition


 Europe and JC Penney may give the weather blame game a run for its money Winter never came this year and as a result apparel retailers reported generally ugly sales and gross margin numbers for Q4.  Remember those margins from the teen retailers which declined as much as 1000 basis points? Promotions ruled as retailers …

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Black Friday: Retailers Must think we are a Bunch of Turkeys


Black Friday: Do Retailers Think We are Just a Bunch of Turkeys? A Guide to Turkey Tactics 101 Based on what I am seeing in stores leading up to Black Friday this year I am wondering if retailers really all view us as just a bunch of turkeys? With 10% of holiday sales at stake …

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