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Look No Further than Retail for a Halloween Fright


In honor of Halloween lets talk about what scares me for H2 1.This year I am going to dress up as Sir Philip Green (Topshop founder) and scare US retailers to death.  If I don’t scare them on Halloween the opening of Tophsop Fifth Avenue will do the “trick”. For the teen and missy space …

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Macy’s: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

published Jan 9 2014 Macy’s (M) just reconfirmed the best way to play low expectations is stick with the best of breed. I have long been a proponent of the average investor staying away from “turnaround” stories like J.C. Penney (JCP) in favor of slow-and-steady-wins-the-race stories like Macy’s. This was illustrated on Wednesday when JCP issued …

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London Retail Flood; This Time No Umbrella Necessary

Regent Street March 2

I have become accustomed to bringing along an umbrella for my typical Saturday store tours in London, but Saturday was ridiculous. No, it was not raining, but there was plenty of water. There was a flood coming from underground as a water main break burst the flood gates open Saturday afternoon on Regent Street, the …

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DECK;UGG Says Yes to Keeping Up w/ UK Promotional Joneses

ugg 165 to 115

We have written extensively about US retailers with exposure in the UK falling into two clear buckets. There are the retailers willing to keep up with the promotional Joneses’ (COH, for example promotes in Flagships unlike in the US) and then there are the retailers who believe the full price year round strategy is the …

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WMT: It Wasn’t The Chinese but Leaked Emails Setting the Retail Bar Low

No the Chinese are not hacking Wal-Mart. However, internal emails seem to be on the loose. The first bombshell email dropped by an executive on Feb 1 asked “where are all the customers? And where is all their money?”. Friday a second email leaked out suggesting February sales to date “are a total disaster”. In …

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